Neuroptimal Neuro Feedback


--DYNAMICAL NEUROFEEDBACK® device developed by Clinical Psychologists

--World’s first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback® brain training system.

NeurOptimal® is safe and effective and easier to use than most neurofeedback programs.  With other systems, a “trainer” uses protocols to train the brain. With NeurOptimal®, there are no protocols; rather the training provides a mirror for the brain to see how inefficient and inappropriate it is, then allows the brain to adapt itself naturally.

It is used on toddlers to our oldest citizens, by the sick and the well, by those not functioning at their best to those who excel at what they do, for work, school, sports, or mental health disorders.  Sessions should be done at least twice a week, though clients can also do them once a week during their session. Clients usually see results after 20 sessions, though training for at least 40-60 sessions is recommended.  Everyone is different depending on what issues they are dealing with or what they are trying to achieve, so the number of sessions will differ for each person.

The biggest reason I chose to use NeurOptimal® is I want my clients to see results as quickly as possible.  In order to achieve positive outcomes in mental health. Using proven and effective methods that provide the swiftest results.  I am always looking for better ways to serve my clients.  I am not doing my job if you are in therapy “forever.”  NeurOptimal® along with Alpha-Stim­® and other brain treatments offered at Safe Place Counseling will allow you to achieve a healthy brain faster.

Session cost: (Most insurances do not cover the cost of neurofeedback)

$50 if done with a regular counseling session

$70/session for NeurOptimal® training alone

Or buy 8 sessions at $70/session and get 2 free.

For more information on NeurOptimal® visit their webpage at

Here are some comparisons between NeurOptimal® and other Neurofeedback systems:


  • NeurOptimal®: No diagnosis is required. All users are trained in the same manner. The objective is to improve the mind and the central nervous system’s flexibility and resilience so that it works more optimally.

Other systems: Require practitioners to diagnose a problem so that a treatment plan can be mapped out.  Brain mapping is usually very expensive.


  • NeurOptimal®: Automatically adjusts with each person. No monitoring required and no unwanted side effects.

Other systems: Client needs to be monitored closely within and across sessions. Practitioner changes what they do base on undesirable side effects for the client.


  • NeurOptimal®: Trains outside of the awareness of the conscious mind, so the client just relaxes and does not have to “achieve” anything.

Other systems: Seeks to train the conscious mind to control brainwave activity. Requires conscious effort from the client to meet externally imposed goals.


  • NeurOptimal®: Simultaneously targets twenty sets of frequencies in the same manner for all users using only two sites (so the client doesn’t go home with a head full of paste). Multiple frequencies balance off other multiple frequencies. You cannot over train. Everybody gets Peak Performance as well as help with their issues.

Other systems: Uses limited frequencies at the discretion of the trainer. Overtraining (and side effects) common. Working on a disorder and achieving Peak Performance are very different goals and tasks.


  • NeurOptimal®: Provides moment to moment feedback on the brain’s activity. The brain makes adjustments using real-time feedback across a wide spectrum of frequencies meant to increase overall mental fitness. There is no separate assessment needed. Other systems: Weekly or monthly feedback from the patient is used to evaluate and control the training regimen. This is time-consuming and costly, often doubling session time at no additional benefit.


  • NeurOptimal®: Does not push the brain- it simply offers information. The brain does the rest, naturally.

Other systems: Pushes the brain to do more or less of something as decided by the practitioner.


Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback, is a research-supported treatment to sharpen attention, relieve anxiety, enhance mood, and improve learning, and behavior…without medication.  It helps you change your brain activity the same way you learn other skills by using feedback and practice. You are hooked up to an EEG, then use electrical brainwaves to play games.

You are given instantaneous information or feedback about changes in your brain’s electrical activity.  Every half second, your brain activity is compared to your target or goal for a change. You get a signal and “reward” when you meet the goal. No signal or reward when you do not.

The common underlying issue for many people with problems related to attention, concentration, anxiety/depression etc. is a dysregulated nervous system. During normal daily activities such as driving or paying attention in class, certain areas of our brain will need to be active and using faster frequency brainwaves called Beta. On the other hand, if after a long day we wish to relax and unwind, a different part of the brain will need to be activated using the slower brainwave frequency called Alpha.

The goal of Neurofeedback is to improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate, maintain flexibility, and smoothly shift between states of relaxation and arousal. Since the Brain also controls Attention Regulation, Emotional Regulation and Affect Regulation, this ultimately allows the entire Central Nervous System to resume normal functioning.

“Neurofeedback therapy takes abnormal brainwave patterns and makes them normal. When we have normal brainwave patterns, the brain is better able to self-regulate itself….”

— Dr. Guy Annunziata

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