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What Makes Our Neurofeedback Different?

At Safe Place Counseling, we employ NeuroGuide’s cutting-edge 19-Channel LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback—an unparalleled advancement in neurofeedback technology. While many neurofeedback systems typically require over 60 sessions and train only 1-4 sites at a time, our system trains 19 channels each time and often demonstrates improvements in as few as 20 sessions. This accelerated progress reduces symptoms quicker and minimizes costs for our clients. We also do HEG and HeartMath® training sessions at no extra cost!


  • NeuroGuide's 19 Channel LORETA Z-SCORE system is an unparalleled advancement in neurofeedback technology
  • Improvements in as few as 20 sessions
  • Trains 19 sites at a time vs other systems that only train 1-4 at a time
  • No paste or gels are needed so hair does not need cleaning after
  • System cited in over 100,000 peer-reviewed articles 
  • Targets deeper brain areas, including entire emotional networks and neural pathways, enhancing signal transmission speed throughout the brain.
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State Changer

State Changer® HEG Neurofeedback Training by Brain-Trainer International:

     HEG stands for HemoEncephaloGraphy–training and helps:
  • Increase blood levels and blood oxygenation, which improve the metabolic capacity of parts of the brain. 
  • Is primarily done on the pre-frontal cortex, the area behind the forehead, which is the executive center of the brain.
  • State Changer is a game your brain plays to help build your brain’s ability to shift between intense concentration and pure awareness.
  • Just as aerobics and exercises like Yoga/Pilates change your body through practice, playing State Changer changes your brain.
HeartMath® Biofeedback System: 
      HeartMath® Biofeedback uses heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback to:
  • Access a healthy, high-performance state called “heart coherence"
  • Balance your mind and emotions.
  • Help prevent stress and clear your thinking for more effective choices.
Most insurances do not pay for Neurofeedback services, but we can provide forms showing the charges paid for you to submit to your insurance or HSA account to try to obtain reimbursement.
- Intake Assessment and Brain map: $300 (Follow-up brain maps are free of charge)
- Individual sessions: $125
- Sessions can be bought in packs of 10 or 15 at a discount
- 10 sessions: $1000
- 15 sessions: $1500
Heart Math Biofeedback System

Neurofeedback Frequently Asked Questions

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